Against the Grain
Custom Woodcraft


The beginning of this grand adventure.


With a love for woodworking since childhood and an extensive carpentry and construction background, Robb has built many pieces over the years as gifts and to furnish his own homes.

Growing up on a farm Richard was instilled with a 'make what you need' attitude. He has fed his creative side in a number of different ways including welding and small woodworking projects.

When Richard mentioned to Robb that he was thinking about building some pieces of his own, the discussion soon turned into them tackling some projects together. 

They discovered that not only did they make a great team with skills that complimented each other but that they had a heck of a lot of fun working together.

So when people, upon seeing their work, approached them about their own custom builds there was no hesitation in accepting the challenge and the rest, as they say, is history.